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    At the center of what we do is our proactive cybersecurity monitoring and management which we call OTM services or Optimized Threat Management services.

    Traditional network and endpoint security systems are mostly reactive and focus on responding to attacks should they occur. While these systems are important, we know that threat actors are organized and resourceful. Threat actors study these reactive systems and are always creating new ways to avoid them and slip past their detection mechanisms.

    Our proactive OTM services detect and mitigate threat vectors and cyber vulnerabilities before threat actors have a chance to take advantage of them. We uncover vulnerabilities and security issues that traditional reactive cybersecurity systems would not be aware of and we help you close those gaps and develop a strong cybersecurity posture across your organization.

    Behind every OTM deployment is a team of security professionals that work with you to help you mitigate cyber risks and inform you of new or developing vulnerabilities that exist or could affect your organization. These cyber professionals are assigned specifically to your organization and become an extension of your IT team as a valuable resource for you. They monitor and manage your cybersecurity 24/7/365 and they give you regular reports that include advice on how to resolve detected cybersecurity issues.

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